Argument Against the death penalty

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Argument Against the death penalty

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Arguments against the Capital Punishment
In this essay, we aim to provide arguments against the death penalty. In order to understand the issue, we aim to provide a solid historical background to the subject. After doing so, we intend to show the issues behind the death penalty. In that part, we intend to show the social, and political issues behind capital punishment. Then, we shall argument against the punishment, and offer a brief counterargument. Since we cannot argument on a subject, without offering counterarguments, it is the best way to do it. Afterward, we shall conclude with the future of the death penalty in the world.
History of the Death Penalty. The first execution recorded in North America was of a criminal called Daniel Frank who was executed for the crime of theft. In the same way, some colonies were stricter than others in their usage of the capital punishment. For instance, in the colony of Massachusetts, the first execution was in 1630. However, the Capital Laws in New England that went into effect in 1636-1647, stated that only certain offenses were subject of capital punishment. Offenses such as pre-meditated murder; sodomy, witchcraft; adultery; rape; rebellion; perjury and bestiality (Reggio 1). After the independence of the United States, there were only seven offenses subject to capital punishment: Murder; sodomy; burglary; buggery; arson; rape, and treason. (Reggio 1) However, t…

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