Are there any negative effects to children from video games

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Are there any negative effects to children from video games

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25 May 2015
Are There Any Negative Effects to Children from Video Games?
With the advent of technology, gaming has reached a redefined level. Video games are most preferred and liked methods of playing among the children on today’s date. The prime feature that attracts children most in video games is the virtual playing ambience. Video games saw the first light of earth early back in 1950s as a part of research works in computer science (Hamilton 173). Its immense popularity was recorded since 1970s to 1980s. Eventually, it became an inseparable part of the childhood. This research paper aims to explore the impacts of video games upon the children as the childhood stage is the most vulnerable phase of life. The paper further narrows its discussion on negative influences of video games. It is seen many parents complain about their children being absorbed addicted and corrupted by playing video games. Simultaneously, the technological education system also applies the video gaming approach to attract the focus of students and teach them accordingly. Thus, the strategy of this paper is to compare and contrast positive and negative impacts of video games on children and finally drawing conclusion upon the negative ones.
Since time immemorial, parents have kept complaining about games. To them, games are just only a mean to waste time that should be, in fact, channelized into focussing only on education. With the passing ti…

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