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Application Letter Argumentative essay

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Week 4 Discussion
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This week my task was to create and solve a logic puzzle. I chose a relatively easy one which had a 3X4 grid. This logic puzzle was about bookmobiles, their owners and the number of books each one carries. My initial clues are presented below.
1. “Ready Reader” has 100 more books than the mobile library Terri drives.
2. “Explore More” has 100 fewer books than the mobile library Richard drives.
3. “Books-4-U” is driven by Elena.
4. “Words To Go” has 350 books.
I used the above-mentioned initial clues to fill in the grid. Therefore, I started with “Books-4-U” and “Words To Go”, whose clues were clearer than the rest. Subsequently, I used the method of proof by contradiction to fill in some more blanks. Whenever I found it hard to continue, I used the “Hint” button for help. After I had finished the puzzle, I used the “Clear errors” button to find out if everything was correct. Everything was correct, as it is seen in the picture below. My answers were put automatically in a table as soon as my puzzle was over.
This puzzle was quite challenging and fun. It helps you use your brain and sets up a challenge for you. I find logic puzzles timeless since they are appropriate for people of every age. Moreover, they can rewire the brain to make more complex thoughts. That is why I would like to suggest another logic puzzle, whose link is given below.

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