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Anonymous Activities

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Anonymous Activities
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Anonymous Activities
“Anonymous” is a decentralized group of hackers associated with numerous high-profile internet attacks on financial institutions, governments, religious groups as well as large corporations. The international hackers associated with this group are believed to be encouraged by the desire to counter government control, combat censorship, and to promote freedom of speech. Their main activities associated with this group include defacement of websites, crashing web servers, and accessing and leaking private information from their targets’ websites. Using computers, this group of hackers can crack passwords or get their target to reveal information through phishing emails. (Jarvis, 2014).
In one of their recent activities, anonymous hackers knocked down a large number of the websites on the dark web which is believed to be the most untraceable area of the internet. This was an external attack which involved shutting down thousands of websites on the dark web. Anonymous claimed that the motivation behind the attack was to protest against child pornography promoted by these sites. In another recent activity, Anonymous threatened to make Donald Trump regret his four years in office. This is after the group had previous leaked personal information believed to be from Donald Trump’s phone. They accused the president of having personal ties with money launders and Russian mobsters. Ravitch, 2017).

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