Analysis of The Actor Network Theory

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Analysis of The Actor Network Theory

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Analysis of the Actor Network Theory
The ongoing development in the information systems has facilitated the increased use of the actor-network theory. This theory was conceived by Bruno Latour, Michel Callon and John Law between the year 1978 and 1982 (Hooper 2012). According to (Latour 2005) the said theory whose origin is comprised of the field of sociology and anthropology makes everything to be considered as entities. This is done by terming all things as actors or actants (Munro 2009). Whatever makes this theory to be relevant in the information systems field is that does not approve of the existence of any difference between human and non-human institutions at an ontological level (Farias & bender 2012). The preceding statement raises concerns of its applicability as an information system is a field that is well known for its coordination amongst humans and technologies. This theory approves the fact that non-human actors are crucial as far as concerned, and they are not neutral as well as controlled by human actors (Law 2009). Following this, the theory further warns a misconception that non-human actors are more essential than human actors (Munro 2009). This paper seeks to carry out an analysis of ‘Volunteers Aid Pioneering Edsac Computer Rebuild’ and ‘Estonia’s seeking security in computing cloud’ news stories using Actor Network…

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