Analysis of Driving during the winter and summer

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Analysis of Driving during the winter and summer

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Driving in the Summer and Winter.
Many people enjoy driving, and they do it for various reasons. It could be that they are going to the grocery or visiting a family member or friend in another state. Driving takes place during all the four seasons, however, doing so during the summer and winter requires the most attention.
Hot, humid weather and the blistering heat define summer while winter is the extreme opposite. It consists of very low temperatures and frequent snowstorms. Such different conditions expose the driver to different experiences. Automobiles require different types of tires that will enable proper driving. During the summer, the tires need to be resistant to high heat and to wear and tear while during the winter drivers prefer heavily treaded tires since they have a better grip. Also, unlike in the summer, winter drivers tend to avoid roads that are impassable because of heavy snow (Porter and Prince).
According to Porter and Prince, whether one is driving in the summer or winter, various similarities apply. Both seasons have conditions that drivers find hard to cope with like the scorching heat or the snow caked roads. Also driving in both conditions can prove to be fatal due to the slippery roads or accidents due to the reduced visibility. Operating in both conditions requires protective wear to drive safely and comfortably. Dark sunglasses offer protection from the blinding sun, and warm clothes protect the driver from the cold…

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