Analysis and Development of Fiction Story (1)

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Analysis and Development of Fiction Story (1)

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Analysis and Development of a Fiction Story
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Analysis and Development of a Fiction Story
This essay analyzes Shirley Jackson’s short story ‘The Lottery’. The analysis pertains to the development and progression of the plot, the tools the writer adopts to do so, and the consequent effects it has on the reader and the story. References have been used and cited accordingly.
The Plot
On the warm, sunny day of June 27th, the people of a small town gather in the square for the annual lottery. The men are talking about business, the women about households, and the children are gathering piles upon piles of stones. Mrs. Hutchinson arrives just as Mr. Summers, who is in charge of the lottery, is calling everyone to order. After the drawing ends, Bill Hutchinson becomes the selected recipient. Mrs. Hutchinson, however, protests that it wasn’t ‘fair’ CITATION Jacnd l 1033 (Jackson, n.d.). The five members of the Hutchinson family then draw new slips. This time, Mrs. Hutchinson, still protesting, is selected as the final recipient. The people of the town, however, advance on her and presumably stone her to death with the piles collected earlier.
‘The Lottery’ can be analyzed in context of the classic three-act plot development in fiction. In the first act, the people of the town gather for the lottery. It ends with Mrs. Hutchinson arriving late. She remarks that she almost forgot what day it was, thus implying that attend…

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