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America The Strong

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Conservatism in America the Strong by William Bennett and John Cribb
In the book America the Strong: Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation, William Bennett and John Cribb present their idea on the meaning of conservatism. The authors argue that conservatism is an act of preserving the best values in the society and learning from the past while also taking into consideration new ideas. The idea of conservatism as presented in the book is one that is responsible for enhancing the societal livelihoods and the state through various concepts including free enterprise, limited government, and individual liberty.
The concept of free enterprise is a form of marketing system that is closely linked to personal liberties. Rather than looking at capitalism as a market enterprise system, the authors attempt to explain how this system contributes to the liberty that Americans enjoy. This economic and personal freedom occurs because people in the society benefit from the opportunity to obtain property and thus “enjoy the fruits of their own labor” (Bennett and Cribb 4). The benefit of competition is that it contributes to better and innovative products for the masses. The authors are not privy to the fact that capitalism has challenges that include excessive materialism but reckon that this is the best system towards conservatism. The concept of individual liberty extends to include all other freedoms and not sim…

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