Aging Populations in Nations

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Aging Populations in Nations

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01 January 2015
Aging Population and its Social Impact
Media has a name to call population aging, it is “graying”. We might have heard it from the news, internet, and our workplaces, but we might not have understood how an aging population can affect our country, and our society. That is why we intend to answer that question with our essay. What does an again population mean and how can a graying population affect or society and our economy? In this essay, we aim to answer that question and support our claim with statistics that could prove that the population aging is a trend that is happening and needs to be taken into account.
With decreased mortality rates and increased longevity, developed countries have been experiencing less population shift than other, less developed countries. Especially in countries such as Japan, Generally, and The United States where professionals refuse to have children to focus on their career goals. However, it’s true that “Global aging, the increasing share of old people throughout the world, reflects the demographic transition from high fertility, rural agrarian societies to low-fertility industrialized societies” (Hayutin 15). As we can see, the shift is necessary in order to keep economies stable; but, how can a graying population, with less and less youth be economically viable? It looks that “… from a purely economic perspective, the graying of societies is not a b…

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