Age of Competence

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Age of Competence

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Age Competence
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Age of Competence
Competence refers to the capability of efficiently/successfully doing something. Age of competence refers to the ability for one to make vital decisions once they attain a certain age. According to most countries in the world, competence age ranges between sixteen and eighteen. However, there have been debates on whether the competence age should be raised. Arguments supporting raising and opposing the rise in competence age are discussed below.
To begin with, at sixteen or eighteen, boys are girls are not fully mature as their bodies are still growing. The brain is also not fully developed. The argument states that individuals at this age cannot make proper decisions by themselves and have to rely on adults for assistance (Wagner & Byram, 2017). Some teenagers, due to immaturity, make wrong decisions such as dropping out of school as they feel they are now grownups who can rely on themselves.
Secondly, there is an increase in the homeless population. When one reaches the competence age, he or she tends to feel the need to solely be responsible for his or her life. Individuals, therefore, decide to move out of their parent’s home in search of a job and a place to live. If they do not find work or a place to live, they end up being homeless (Great Britain, 2010). Some prefer staying on the streets as they are ashamed to go back to their parent’s/ guardian’s home.
Thirdly, t…

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