Admissions Application essay for NYU

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Admissions Application essay for NYU

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Date Admissions Application Essay for NYU
Ever since I was young, NYU has been my dream school due to my interest in human services and social work profession. NYU is located in New York, one of the world’s largest cities. Spending my four years of college at this institution will provide me the opportunity to explore different cultures and acquire cultural competency, a critical aspect of the social work profession. Living in the New York environment will inspire me to explore and diversify my mind towards interacting with people from different backgrounds. It is worth to note that the role of higher institutions of learning is to provide a haven that will allow students to discover themselves. NYU is my undisputable treasure for not only self-discovery but also learning and appreciating the diverse aspects of other people.
I want to join an institution whereby I am assured of accessing quality education. NYU ranks in the top thirty best performing universities nationally due to its top-notch learning system. Its professors are extremely available, and students can continuously consult them during official hours. What is more, they spend their energy, time, and focus on inspiring students into becoming great leaders. I hope to maintain strong connections with my instructor as a way of not only excelling in my studies but also expanding my professional network, especially since I want to undertake my Master’s immediately …

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