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For a long time, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, based on adaptation and natural selection has been the most believed theory. However, it seems that Charles Darwin’s theoretical explanation of adaptation seemed to focus mostly in one area. His explanation based on the structural and biological change in the body of organisms for the sake of survival in the existing environment. The author of this article however comes up with an argument to counter this explanation on adaptation.
The author makes it clear that he does not dispute the theory of evolution. He however thinks that there is a vital area in the explanation of adaptation that has been completely forgotten. This is the role of the political and social conditions in the process of organism adaptation. The author argues that the social and political life have a great impact on the condition of the environment at the time of an organism existence. The change in the organism’s environment is the one that leads to the organism’s adaptation. To support this fact, the author cites the evolution of the moths in England during the industrial revolution. He accepts the fact that the moths changed colour from grey to black is perfect example of adaptation for the moths’ survival. He also agrees with the fact that the colour change was brought about by environmental pollution due to the industrial revolution. The author, however, has a problem in the w…

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