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Abstract on Forcing The Spring

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Forcing the Spring Abstract
The book, Forcing the Spring by Robert Gottlieb was published in 2005 and serves to awaken the social consciousness on environmental activism post-cold war era. The book captures how the environmental groups are interlinked with political, and economic systems.
The Author’s Perspective
In Forcing the Spring, Robert Gottlieb raises the concerns that the Bush administration realized in its formative days, and how it helped in the realization of environmental activism. At the center of the activism is Student led environmental group SEAC which gained popularity across the nation (397). Environmental conservation requires the input of both government and private players. Institutions of higher learning such as UCLA and the University of Illinois play a critical role in coming up with environmental solutions (398). The new paradigms in environmentalism are that it is a political question that seeks for sound policy making. Else, environmental matters have far-reaching consequences in the industrialized economies. Therefore, industries must be at the forefront of using environmentally friendly procedures.
The significance of Forcing the Spring
The book serves to emphasize the importance of environmental conversation. The new paradigm of concern for political actors is the environment. As Gottlieb shows, there is a close relationship between the economy and the …

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