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About my life

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About My Life
I am Steve Dan, aged 22 years old and the first child in our family. I am a skilled dancer and a committed and a hardworking individual who strive to be successful in life. While growing up, I have aspired to excel in my studies and at the same time to develop my talent in dancing. However, the challenges in life had exposed me to a position where I was almost unable to achieve these goals. Nevertheless, I have overcome all the financial troubles I had been experiencing, and now I am in an excellent position to enroll at your institution where I will not only concentrate in academic affairs but also engage in extra curriculum activities at the college.
When my dad lost his job last year, I was at the stake of dropping out of school because my parents lacked the money to pay for my school fees. At the same time, I was at the risk of being chased away from the dance studio where one must pay roughly $6,000 per year for one to be a member. The part-time job I had couldn’t sustain these two essential goals, therefore, I had to quickly seek for an alternative in order to solve the problems at hand. I decided to search for more jobs so that I could earn more money and luckily I ended up getting three jobs which I had to start immediately.
It wasn’t easy to meet the duties at the new workplaces, responsibilities at the school where I had to take advanced classes and the roles at Releve Dance Center where I trained as a dancer….

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