A Bad Hiring Decision Creates a Problem

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A Bad Hiring Decision Creates a Problem

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The Wrong Person– Case Study Analysis
Mike, the head of sales operations for Freebird.com was pressured by the CEO to hire a sales marketing person, and after calling several candidates, he lands on Alice who impresses him with her academic qualifications from a reputable design college and five years marketing experience. After joining the firm, Alice exhibits poor performance, and it turns out that she had no experience in using spreadsheets and Salesforce and doing market research.
In the case study, it can be viewed that Mike did not have enough time to conduct the recruitment process. Consequently, he instructed one of his interns to supply him with the names of applicants. Because of the time constraints and the pressure from the CEO, he did not plan appropriately for the selection interview process. Even after landing on Alice, Mike only concentrated on company policies and values and Alice’s educational background. Ideally, while conducting interviews, recruiters should devise mechanisms to test whether an applicant has critical job skills necessary for the position. As such, Mike failed to formulate a clear picture of job requirements and the performance desired for the position, making him hire Alice, who did not have skills in using excel spreadsheets and Salesforce and conducting market research. An interview scorecard is a vital tool that can be used by interviewers to score the s…

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