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Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Incompetent behavior can hinder performance and if left unnoticed, may contaminate other workers and the organization may incur hidden costs in the long run. If a manager is unable to appropriately tackle anger, conflict and ethical issues in a place of work, it may lead to a reduction in productivity and significant impact on others who also work in that institution. At the workplace, there may be discriminative or virtual unfair treatment and cultural diversity which, if not handled with sufficient attention can negatively affect the institution.
In the case study, Tania Washington should not be quick to act or have any perceptions towards Susan. According to Belak (1996), perceptions could blur your vision. The appropriate solution would be for Tania to call Susan for a private meeting and ethically indulge her in a question-answer session, attacking the problem and not Susan. Susan may be going through personal issues, or she could be having issues with her colleagues making her not perform as expected. If Susan has not grasped the policies of Pearson Physicians Group, Tania can help her understand step, by step without giving up on her. Tania and Susan should then set penalties to be incurred in case such a mistake is repeated.
It is right to conclude that it takes patience, dedication and time to cure such negative characteristics. Ignoring the problem or responding negatively to it does …

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