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I worked as a career counselor in an Army Academy for twelve years, and I assisted in enlisting qualified and skillful soldiers at the time. One of my greatest experience is when I was entrusted in reviewing and revising a training curriculum which had been published erroneously. The task was in two weeks before being published again. The task was done successfully, and this was a milestone achievement in which I tested my organizational and leadership in addition to my strategic approach. I was also involved in day to day running of the barrack activities, and one of the memorable occasion was when the commanding officer had changed the barrack showers. We provided outdoor showers to quell student’s unrests.
It is challenging to undertake studies as a single mother. Shortly after completing my A.A graphic design course in 2002, I started a family and later joined the Army where I served for twelve years with two deployments. Balancing between family and studies is a challenge. My children are now grown-ups and less dependent on me. I have booked them to a boarding school, and I can soon resume undertaking my studies. I will want them to feel motivated by my efforts to continue with studies. The exposure in the army has equipped me with valuable skills and character. I consider myself to be organized and courteous and will go a long way to help me balance my family and academic engagements.
I am determined to achieve my educational dreams, and I have a strong devotion t…

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