Woodrow wilson on public administration

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Woodrow wilson on public administration

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Woodrow Wilson on Public Administration
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Woodrow Wilson on Public Administration
Woodrow Wilson is recognized as the initiator of the study of public administration. He became paramount after he published his first writings by the name “The Study of Public Administration,” in 1887 during the progressive period of the past decade. Wilson saw the initiatives of the rampant movements in the United States about the malpractices by the government to be a vital issue in the society that needed to be addressed. There was increased corruption and a steep decline in the traditional values in most societies in U.S during the era of President Andrew Jackson. Woodrow Wilson found a strong urge for the reformation in the public administration, where corruption and poor administration could be eliminated in the entire nation.
Wilson advocated for the development of the science of public administration as an immediate solution to the many evil practices that were taking route in the government. In the US for instance, one could only be considered on any public issue if they belonged to Victorium Party. He pointed out that, public administration was distinct, as well as an independent, are of Study.
Wilson’s View on Politics and Administration
Wilson being the founding father of politics and public administration, he partitioned government into two distinct spheres that are composed of politics and administrations. He associated politics to be the f…

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