Why do teenagers rebel against their parents?

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Why do teenagers rebel against their parents?

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14 May 2015
Why do teenagers rebel against their parents?
There is an eternal friction between old and new. Mankind gets both enhanced and suffered by this friction. The most prominent area of this friction is generation gap which evolves a communication gap between teenagers and their parents. However, this rebellious nature cannot be dismissed by merely giving the fate of generation gap. Various external as well as internal factors provoke a teen to break the norms be it for good reason or bad. It has opined that time nurtures each generation in completely different ways and the development of thought process changes and neither the teenagers nor their parents can really be blamed for the rebellious nature (Heaven 52-53). In this essay, the psychological causes and the socio-cultural factors will be evaluated in order to view critically the reasons for rebels of the teenagers against their parents.
Critical Exploration of the Teenage Rebel:
On the contrary to the title of this essay, the blaming finger can also be directed towards the parents who always doubt and nullify whatever their children say taking the advantage of age. Hays and Phyllis state, “The eminent psychologists have enlightened with the point of being self sufficient at this age” (295-6). First of all, the boundary of teenage should be clarified. The concept of teenage is strongly related to the advent of puberty. Basically, at this point of age, t…

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