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relationship violence

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Relationship Violence and the Effects on Victims
Relationship violence refers to the aggressive behavior that typically involves the violent abuse of an intimate partner or spouse. Individuals who have been exposed to relationship violence often experience challenges concerning healing both emotionally and physically from multiple traumas (Edlin, Eric, and Kelli 509). Such traumas may have diverse effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Both men and women experience relationship violence, with the effects manifesting themselves immediately following the abuse, or long after the act has ended.
Some of the physical effects of relationship violence include chronic fatigue, involuntary shaking, sexual dysfunction, shortness of breath, disrupted sleeping and eating patterns, muscle tension, as well as fertility issues and disrupted menstrual cycles in women. Victims of relationship violence also suffer mental problems. For instance, battering, which is a major cause of injury among women, is more significant than rapes, automobile accidents, or even robberies. In fact, the psychological and emotional toll that results from abuse within relationships may be more difficult and costly to treat than physical injury.
Physical injuries caused by relationship violence also tend to cause medical difficulties as the victims age (Roberts, Kelsey, and Gene 46). Victims of relationship violence have identified heart disease, arthritis, and hypertension as di…

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