Project Management and Risk Management

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Project Management and Risk Management

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Sections VI & VII: Project Management and Risk Management

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TOC o “1-3” h z u Project Management PAGEREF _Toc425257218 h 3Project Planning Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257219 h 3Systems and Requirements Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257220 h 3Design Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257221 h 3System Development Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257222 h 3Testing Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257223 h 4Acceptance Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257224 h 4Maintenance Phase PAGEREF _Toc425257225 h 4Risk Management PAGEREF _Toc425257226 h 5Risk Identification PAGEREF _Toc425257227 h 5Risk Matrix PAGEREF _Toc425257228 h 6References PAGEREF _Toc425257229 h 9
Project ManagementTrusty Carpets require a number of workers to carry out important tasks while at the same time rectify any issue that may come up during the installation of the internet and mobile technology. The following phases of system development life cycle will be followed.
Project Planning PhaseThis is also called preliminary investigation stage. Here, the system analyst will conduct an investigation to identify the scope of the problem and the company’s objectives. A report will be handled to the project manager. This information will enable the project manager review the objectives and study all problems before project initiation. This information will come from customers, suppliers, employees and from observing competitors. The pro…

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