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Ethics law
An ethical issue involves situations where an individual faces a moral dilemma to make. In this case depending on the argument of the person in the dilemma he or she may be justified in whatever step they make. In this paper, the issue of private car park operators imposing fines according to their system is an ethical issue that requires a legal intervention. The parking Bonanza and their clients feel justified in their course of action, and a solicitor can help settle the battle in alleged liquidated damages as claimed by the Parking bonanza firm. The Queensland law society provides a procedure to help reach a decision on the contested ethical issue as outlined and explained below.
What is the ethical issue concerning you?
Parking Bonanza is a private company and like any private business organization it is up for profit due to the services they offer to their clients. “They offer some time of free parking but after an hour or two they charge a fee of between $66 and $88 on the maximum”. The Parking Bonanza makes its income by fining those who doesn’t display a ticket after using their parking slots. The user who fails to pay the allegedly liquidated damage that is as a result of not paying for the extra time they have spent and without a ticket are followed by a debt collector to pay the amount. A solicitor is used to present the claim in court to ensure those who default from serving the Bonanza’s clai…

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