Classic English Literature Coursework

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Classic English Literature Coursework

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Education Leadership
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In my opinion, the funds and other resources allocated to low-performing students and schools should continuously be evaluated to ascertain how effective they are in transforming the academic outcomes in these schools. When the resources are increasingly spent on these school or students, and there is no change in performance, it amounts to wastage of resources. The marginal utility of public education funds decreases each time expenditure is made on low-performing schools, and no academic transformation is achieved. The further increase in usage of funds will further degenerate and causes negative utility amounting to wastage of resources. If school performance does not increase as result of an increase in fund allocation, it means the schools are experiencing other challenges than financial resources (Brewer & McEwan, 2010). These could be poor leadership, unfavorable policies or inadequacy of skills in the school human resources. The students could also be experiencing other problems beyond the school’s environment.
Brewer, D., & McEwan, P. (2010). Economics of education. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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