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architectural works comparison essay

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Comparison between the Chrysler Building and the Chicago Merchandize Mart
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The designers of the Chicago Merchandise Mart were Graham, White, Anderson, and Probst. The three architects are the chief designers of the building from the initial stage to the completion. On the contrary, the designer of the Chrysler building was initially William H. Reynolds, who sold the design to Walter P. Chrysler the implementer of the plan to the structure that is present in the modern world.
Chrysler Building and the Chicago merchandise mart are two distinct constructions by two different artists. The Chicago Merchandise Mart is a building that has fifteen base storey and twenty-five additional towers. It is a construction; unlike the Chrysler building it has the largest square area coverage. It is a building that has its size concentration at the base unlike in the Chrysler building that has its prestige in the number of towers that are making the bulk of the structure. On the contrary, the Chrysler building has around a seventy-seven storey in position. By the time of its construction, it was the tallest building in the region.
The architect of Chrysler building was able to design a vertical steel spire at the top of the building an element that differentiates it from the Chicago Merchandise Mart. The spire was to make it more appealing and taller than the other structures that were around the area by the time of its construction. Chrysler was ab…

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