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Alfaisal University

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Al Faisal University
The Al Faisal University is a non-for-profit, research-based and privately owned institution located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. It was formed in 2002 by King Faisal Foundation with the aim of achieving and maintaining international fundamentals of excellence. Additionally, the Al Faisal University has distinguished board members, world co-founders and national support and this has helped to determine their mission and to form their vision correctly.
Notably, the Al Faisal University being a research center, has established four faculties namely, Medicine, Business, Science and general studies and engineering departments. As a result, graduate male and female students have an opportunity to access world-class graduate and undergraduate programs. The Al Faisal University being a non-for-profit institution, has made it possible for even the needy bright students to access education through their scholarship programs awarded at the beginning of every academic year.
The Al Faisal University has a friendly environment for their students thus helping the students in achieving their goals. For instance, there are a few students in a class what makes it easy for everyone to interact with the lecturers. Also, the university is centrally located, served by major highways thus being readily available for the students from various parts of Riyadh. The institution has been designed to hold 4000 students. It has a conference hall, cafes, a stu…

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