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Advertising has been recognized as a form of art, which involves huge financial implications. The marketing companies spends millions of dollars on advertising campaigns, to appeal to their potential customers. Hence, these companies are always in the endeavor to attract their customers with appealing advertisements, which they think would act as potential brand endorsements (Ohanian 39-52). Advertising campaigns are an integral part of promotion and marketing, and their appeal is well established. Various celebrities and sport stars are used as iconic personalities to endorse the brands or products of various companies. The objective of using them in such campaigns is to exploit their popularity and face value. Whenever a prospective client finds a renowned personality endorsing a specific brand, his or her reliability and authenticity on the brand increases. In this article, the point of argument would be “Whether advertising is good or bad for female athletes”. Hence, the article would analyze the pros and cons of advertisements. Further, it would portray whether female athletes or sports stars should feature in advertisement campaigns.
In this world of cut-throat competition, the success of a product not only depends upon the quality or credibility of the product, but the people behind the product are…

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