Your goals for pursuing higher education

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Your goals for pursuing higher education

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Goals for Pursuing Education
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Goals for pursuing higher education
Education comes one of the pillars that drives the globe economy at an individual, national and international levels. At individual level, my education goals are beyond the basic goals such as career development, knowledge empowerment, and economic empowerment among other basic educational goals.
One of the goals of pursuing higher education has been to acquire something that someone will never take away from me. You may take all my money, wealth, friends, family and relatives, but one last thing that you will never take away from me is the Gold upstairs. The sense of having rational judgment, critical thinking, innovative ability as well as ability to articulate issues is what I yearn for.
When I was still a young kid, I used to think that education equals to a good job, more money and good life. The mentality there before is not the same anymore. My aim is to have an expanded mind and to live like a human being who God created for a purpose and not to act like machines that follow instructions blindly. My dream is to have a flexible dream that will respond to emerging issues and problems that require solutions.
I always long for a time when my education will better my innovative ability as well as my creative ability. My primary teacher once taught me that time is ever changing and it will keep on changing from one generation to another. It therefore means that diffe…

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