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Developmental Psychology
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Developmental PsychologyPart One
Jean Piaget was a developmental psychologist whose primary area of interest was on how children manipulate knowledge. He, therefore, developed the cognitive development theory. Additionally, he made a lot of emphasis on education as his work was influenced by both his theories and practice in child education and psychology. At the center of his theory was that kids develop their ways of understanding the world around them. The theory also argued that children employ the use of actions that enable things to happen for gaining the information about their surroundings. The cognitive ability of a child developed with the child’s growth (Piaget, 2013).
Piaget conclusive remark based on his research on how kids internalize knowledge was that their thinking is never wrong, but rather their short life experiences make them conclude about information much than adults. Besides, the importance of education was not related to the ability to master. Instead, it was about incorporating the information to deduce meaning out of it. Jean believed that kids acquire knowledge and that they are capable of predicting and concludes about matters, by about internalizing their environment through physically exploring the world. Also, the introduction of theoretical issues at a tender age showed that children only mastered and repeated information, even if they never unde…

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