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Discriminatory practices in some organizations have been noted to affect service delivery as well as resource availability. Such prejudicial treatment is mostly based on gender, sexual orientation, race, and gender. The availability of resources is affected when a person in authority does not distribute or equitably allocate the available resources. This means that some people or groups of people will end up not having enough or missing altogether. Service delivery, on the other hand, is influenced when professionals discriminate at the place of work and attend to people based on their race, gender, etc. This means that certain groups of people are either denied services, get served last or get poor services. Discrimination is highly unethical, and it is heavily prohibited by organization policies, country laws, and international treaties. Over the years, many ways of addressing discrimination have been developed. This essay provides an assessment of the ways of addressing discrimination.
Diversity is viewed as one way of addressing discrimination. Diversity can exist based on race, color, religion, ethnic background, etc. A diverse entity discourages discrimination and has a positive impact on organizational behavior hence better performance. It creates a working environment that ensures mutual respect for differences that exist among people. Diversity also provides room for learning from each other and appreci…

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