Writer’sCase study: Jane

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Writer’sCase study: Jane

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Jane’s case study for psychosocial analysis
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Examine the situation presented in the case study by using the four goals of psychology.
Psychology is a scientific study of behavior and how the mind works. Psychology has four key goals; to describe, to explain, to predict, and to change. The four goals will be used to examine Jane’s situation in the case study as illustrated below (Plotnik, & Kouyoumdjian, 2013).
Jane has grown through an abusive relationship with her father and has developed a self-defense mechanism for survival. She uses guilt to get what she want from her father, and the same skill is applied against her husband.
Jane’s behavior for manipulating her offenders by inducing their guilt, have developed over time from her relationships. She realizes that once a person feels guilty, emotions of compassion and the need to reconcile will push them to treat her better and with value.
The reason her behavior is consistent and successful is drawn from her experiences. She makes her father please her by offering money to win her love. Her husband beats her after an argument, she makes him feel guilty which leads him to ask her out for a shopping spree.
She would probably use the guilt mechanism against her children to compel them perform tasks she assigns to them. She would use this skill to manage the society around her since it has worked in her most significant…

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