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Category: Capstone Project

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Impact of Social Media and Social Networking Sites on the Civic Society
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Impact of Social Media and Social Networking Sites on the Civic Society
The 21st century is witnessing radical changes in communication approaches. The role of information technology cannot be undermined as the stimulating factor for such approaches. Technology has linked individuals across global and demographic boundaries to interact with one another. Moreover, technology has created the opportunity to express one’s freedom of speech in the mass media. The rapid spread of such opinions through the various social media websites and blogs has taken communication to newer heights (Lee & Kim, 2011).
Communication and interaction are no more restricted between two individuals, and the social networking group of an individual is accessed and touched with the click of a mouse. Therefore, social networking in this era has become an important and indispensible tool for expressing oneself freely and to a larger community. In such platform, a person may develop support for his course of actions or may be criticized for an act. It provides immediate feedback regarding the societal actions and behavior of an individual. With such a perspective social networking sites and social media is bound to create differences and have significant impact on the civic society. The main theme of utilizing social networking and social media is i…

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