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write a poem of your choice

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A Poem about Going Back Home
When the day ends,
Once again I will be headed home,
To meet my family and friends,
It has been a while since I was gone
I have travelled far and wide,
Enjoying the fruits and struggles of life alone
From now travel back and never again to hide
I will do all that I missed while I was gone
I will go hunting with my pals.
To bring food and fruits home for the family to share,
Like we always did during falls,
When the weather was always fair.
I will carry water in my backpack,
And keep my gun ready for the shooting adventure,
With all my friends trailing from the back,
Together we shall enjoy the beauty of nature.
We shall sing and dance to childhood songs,
Retell all the old grandma stories,
And remember the punishments we received for the wrongs,
We committed while being cheeky and enjoying childhood merries.
I will run along the plains,
Like we used to do when I was young,
Enjoying the cold washing and beating of the rains,
And the sweet taste of ripe berries on our tongues.
I will bring my all friends precious gifts,
And the white Rosses and dolls for my younger sisters,
A baseball cap for my Uncle who gave me lifts,
In his old pickup while he went to the hipsters.
I have sharpened my sword and readied my mind,
To travel back home after all the travails in a foreign land,
Where lights are too bright and can make you blind,
And the songs are sung faster than those …

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