Write a poem inspired in The series the handmaid’s tale

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Write a poem inspired in The series the handmaid’s tale

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A Poem Inspired in The Series of the Handmaid’s Tale
We are all dismayed as we watch the woman struggle
As the woman struggles to make the painful stride
Strides that will liberate her from the daily struggle
The woman is moving, but we can’t hear any sound
We all know she is up to something, but it’s something we can’t handle
We are assured we can’t help her in this mission
Nor can we help her overcome this anguish and torment
However, we are confident that at least we can cheer and comment
The woman is determined, and it is clear that she will succeed
She isn’t concerned with our relentlessness or ignorance
Something that is depicted by her perseverance
We are confused whether to join her in her deeds
But the pain and agony in her face makes us hesitate
It’s clear that we all lack self-control and courage
We are sure that if we join her, we will achieve her goal easily
But we end up recognizing that we all have our problems in our familyThus it’s clear that we won’t join her in her struggle and commitment
We end up opting to observe her action and to comment

This poem is inspired by the actions of bystanders and struggles of a woman in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” as she strives to overcome suffering to achieve liberation. Those bystanders are torn in between, whether to help the woman achieve her goals or to stand there and watch her as she goes on with what she is doing. The tone of this poem turns th…

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