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In most cases, the concept of postmodernism has been identified as a relatively difficult term to define its meaning explicitly citing the facts that defining this term would be going against postmodernists perception of the inexistence of absolute truth and definite terms. In the postmodern period, the existence of reality and truth is based on individual preferences rather than science or religious faith. Additionally, the truth and reality in the world through personal preferences is brought about by gender, social classes, culture, religion and personal history. The postmodernists believe that any form of claims regarding truth and reality are mere imperialistic efforts aimed at oppressing the rights of other people. In basic terms, postmodernism can be described as an anti-theory that applies theoretical methods to nullify all theories claiming the existence of truth and reality. Contrary to the concept of modernity which had answers to these concepts, postmodernism is full of questions based on relativism, mysticism and the inability to define anything in certainty. In this case, postmodernism is a 20th century counter reactive movement that aims at opposing the concept of modernism in the current world (Drobot, 58-60).
From a Christianity point of view, postmodernism presents a great challenge in the form of misguiding and misinformed arguments regarding the issues of faith in the context of truth …

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