World war III to be waged over the Internet

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World war III to be waged over the Internet

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World War III to be waged over the Internet
The statement that World War III will take place online is highly accurate. In the current world, everything revolves around the internet. Traditional manual methods of handling various processes are continually getting phased by technology and internet-based substitutes. Technology and the internet are incorporated in many fields ranging from social networking, industrial control, financial systems, communication systems, and government security. A lot of damage can be caused by compromising the security of computer systems used in sectors such as nuclear power plants.
The aim of technology in any field is to improve convenience and reduce operation cost. Online wars are also more convenient and cheaper to conduct when compared to physical battles. Unlike physical wars that might require months or years of planning, cyber attacks can take a significantly shorter time to plan and execute. The costs associated with shooting wars originate from the large of amounts of materials that must be produced and transported to the battlefields; this requires the creation of supply chains and logistics operations managed on a nationwide level (Gewirtz n.p.). The most significant loss in this type of war originates from the loss of human life, a high number of people including, soldiers, sailor, mechanics, pilots, and doctors are placed in harm’s way, and some lose their lives.
Traditionally, the economic powe…

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