World War I Soldier

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World War I Soldier

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World War 1 Soldiers
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The second battle of the Marne was forth between July and August of 1918 during the First World War. The war was between The Germans and the French armies. The French army had been pushed across the Marne River, by the advancement of the German troops. Latter Allied forces that included Britain and Italy joined to help the French troops. The entry of American as one of the Allies marked a turning point for the Battle. The American troops had no experience in the wars. However, they were a new energy to steer the exhausted Allied forces to victory (Stouffer, Lumsdaine, Lumsdaine, Williams, Smith, & Cottrell, 1949). The victory of the Marne battle was strategic for it acted as a motivation to defeat the strong German troops, American soldiers were core to the success as explained below.
Role played by American troops in the Second Battle of the Marne and Subsequent American engagement with Germans until 1918 when they surrendered
France had been defeated, Britain and Italy joined to keep the French fighting. They were exhausted too and sorted help from the reluctant America, whose economy was stable to replenish the Allies supplies in the Battle. Americans joined and fought in the Marne river front where Germans had crossed (Owen, 2000). The American troops helped to push the Germans over away from the Marne banks. President Wilson had sent the American troops under General John Pershing, who had outstan…

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