World leader I pick is George Bush

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World leader I pick is George Bush

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Leadership Style of George Bush
In current society, religion plays a critical role in shaping the political, social and economic aspect of society. Religion especially Christianity and Islamic faith is a controversial topic mainly based on its role in shaping American politics and security. George Bush, the 43rd president of the United States of America, is a world leader who mixed religion and politics to impact the social and economic aspect of America (Espinosa 324). During his reign, Bush used his leadership to satisfy his self-desires without focusing on the general mandate of uniting America as a spiritual family. George used the aspect of religion to divide America into most sectors, especially for Islam.
The first question I would ask Bush, Do you think that invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 terrorist attack was the best approach to bring peace and unity in the US? The question serves to explain the role of world leaders in restoring American security and bringing world peace. After the attack, Bush authorized the elimination of all members of Congress who perpetrated the attack (Gregg 1). Second, why did you support the No Child Left Behind Act? The question is meant to figure out whether Bush valued the large society in his leadership. Last question, why did you seek major social security changes by advocating for privatization plan? The social and economic changes brought by Bush especially the tax-cut reduc…

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