Workplace Stress and Aggression

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Workplace Stress and Aggression

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Workplace Stress and Aggression
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Workplace stress and aggression is inevitable in any given organization(s). There are numerous organizational differences that have led to overt violence and aggression in the workplace. In this paper, there is a close look at the Dignity Team Health shooting which was propagated by Matthew Kempf, a former employee. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kempf only murdered his supervisor before committing suicide. The paper attempts to delve into Kempf motive, warning signs and triggering factors; which are well-portrayed simply by the death of a sole individual, Lana Canada. Evidently, she was his target and staging a ‘mass’ shooting made it easier for him to eliminate her. There is an examination of insights given to the leaders of this company as well as the coping strategies of their employees. Regardless of workplace prevalence, there is an inevitability of the continuation of life which is propelled by both the leaders and employees. A conclusion that wraps up the concerns of this research is also incorporated in this paper.
Workplace Stress and Aggression
In 2017, the Dignity Team Health fraternity experienced an unexpected case of workplace violence from one of the employees, Matthew Kempf. He shot one of his supervisors-Lana Canada- who was a mother of seven children who then died on the spot. It was quite a fatal incident as Kempf also took away his life bringing about an image(s) of …

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