Workplace law 2

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Workplace law 2

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Workplace Law
As per the writing, the connection between the employer and the employee seems not to exist as most things involving negotiations are done by the union. With that, it is indisputable that the union represents all employees rather than serving them individually. In this era which labor union has evolved, one contract can be used to cover every member of the bargaining force, for instance, a doctor and a nurse in the case of the healthcare sector. According to Collier & Collier (2012), ` a union plays a vital role as far as employment and labor relations are concerned. It impacts member’s compensations, grievances as well as processes and policies. Additionally, the unions not only fight for employee rights but also the management. Moreover, labor unions are beneficial as it protects employees, advocate for a safe work environment, push for compensations and insurance of all employees (Kvirkvaia, 2013). Lastly, employee unions enable employees to have a collective voice which is stronger than advocating for their rights individually.
The text goes further and highlights the disadvantages of unions, and one of them is monopolization or unions being run by cartels. According to tang (2010), unions are not ideal for a nation’s development since they are immune to antitrust laws. Additionally, unions fight against taxation which is injurious to a nation’s growth. Employees take advantage of unions to advocate for their rights, and at times they go to the extent …

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