workplace business etiquette

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workplace business etiquette

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Workplace Business Etiquette
Business etiquette is necessary for various reasons in the workplace. According to GCF Global (n.p.), the main aim of practicing business etiquette at the workplace is to enable the creation of a professional and a respectful work environment that improves effective communication. The ultimate result of an organization that upholds the culture of etiquette is increased office productivity and high standards of workplace discipline. Practicing business etiquette not only benefits the organization but also helps individual employees. For example, mastering how to treat clients with courtesy enables a person to advance their career. Despite the emergence of modern telecommunication channels, professionalism upholds for the observation of etiquette as a means of handling all clients with respect and dignity. Employees’ etiquette standards serve as a yardstick for determining the professional competency of an organization (GCF Global n.p.). Therefore, all the employees in an organization must practice business etiquette at the workplace, irrespective of the methods of communication and the clients in question.
Proper business etiquette can create a more pleasant work environment in certain ways. According to the Columbia University Center for Career Education (n.p.), one must be aware of the most respectful ways to treat colleagues. When all the employees treat each other with respect, an enabling work atmosphere is…

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