Workout plan 2

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Workout plan 2

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Name of the Student
Professor’s Name
31st December 2015.
Description of the Subject
The workout plan is for Chad, who is an avid golfer with the age of 55 years. He is a male and is 6 feet 2 inches tall with a body weight of 180 pounds. Chad has a body fat % of 20%. His goal is to improve upon his game and to get started with a training program. Chad has regularly exercised for the past 8 years and is keeping good health. However, the history suggests that he engaged in aerobic fitness program while he rarely performed resistance training.
Baseline Parameters
The present Body Mass Index of the individual is 23.11. This suggests that the BMI is normal and the person does not suffer from underweight or overweight.
The BMR of the individual is 1721 calories per day
The estimated maximum heart rate of the individual is 165 beats /minute. The heart rate reserve at 60% of estimated maximum heart rate of the individual is 131 beats /minute while the heart rate reserve at 80% of estimated maximum heart rate of the individual is 148 beats /minute.
Professional Requirements
Medical clearance was obtained from the house physician of Chad. His blood pressure was within normal limits. However, he was a mild diabetic, but the physician approved the proposed training programs. The training goals of Chad would be tailored to increase the lean body mass and the flexibility and muscle strength of Chad…

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