workforce diversity

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workforce diversity

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Workforce Diversity
The term diversity refers to all the features as well as the experiences that usually describe every person as an individual. It entails the complete spectrum of the principle dimensions that define a person that include the race, ethnic affiliations, gender, age, religious affiliation, disability as well as orientation regarding sex. Some of the general practices that have been adopted to attain the diversity within the workforce include, commitment concerning leadership and management, engagement of the employee, strategic planning, affordable investment, indicators of diversity, the exercise of accountability and evaluation, connectivity with the goals and objectives of the organization (Kim 69).
Organizations are increasingly putting more focus on connecting the diversity of the workforce with the key objectives of the organization. This intensification has proved to be a success as it contributes to the competitive advantage in comparison with rival organizations. Accountability has shown to be a critical element in advancing initiatives within the establishment of the objective of promoting workforce diversity (Kim 69). Through responsibility, the relevant leaders are under obligation for enhancing workforce diversity because it is possible to connect the elements of productivity assessment with the compensation to the successful application and the continuation of the initiatives. Accountability is critical to en…

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