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Managing a diverse workforce spread around the globe involves citizens from different countries as well as immigrants seeking employment in an organization. This involves, for instance, a company based in the United States but having branches in other countries like China and Canada. For such a company to manage its workforce, it may set in play diversity programs and policies to apply in home companies and branches overseas. However, managing diversity, in this case, may bear several constraints and opportunities.
Among the constraints include the legislative and the cultural laws governing the host country in which the company operates which also relies on where the employees of the company live. Complying with these laws may be a challenge to the company and its employees who may be from foreign countries (Thomas 98). The other constraint involves the cultural nuances which depict the differences in the business attitude which influence the way the employees may respond to the activities of the organization. Different countries also have different beliefs based on the religion and social aspects which affects how people work which may inhibit the operation of the organization in managing a diverse workforce.
The opportunities may include using the diversity strategy to influence the employee’s potential to realize the competitive advantage in the industry since diverse employees bring skills and talents in the company. With…

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