Workday Sanity

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Workday Sanity

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Workday Sanity
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Workday Sanity
Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable occurrence in the lives of human beings. The stressors in my life right now revolve around school, work and my inability to balance them with life. For individuals living in the U.S., for instance, the American Dream becomes a façade when they attempt to create a balance in their daily lifestyles. Since I have a constant response to my stressors, I realized that each one of them warrants a different one. Stress from work makes me want to continually sleep and temporarily forget about the problems. It is much easier to delve into an ‘unconscious’ world when I am experiencing burnout from work (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). With school assignments, however, it is much easier for me to seek comfort in food and my favorite shows. When I watch The Big Bang Theory, life becomes less serious and I forget about school pressure(s) for a reasonable amount of time. I also try as much as I can to hang out with my friends to rejuvenate my social energies and forget about any stress. Again, with work; I have noticed that sometimes the thought of being broke, and not achieving my goals makes me snappish with others. I am ashamed to admit that I almost slapped my cousin because he kept asking for money during my rainy days. Delving further, I learned that each of my stressors portrays themselves in different ways. I get frustrated with work, and resort to sleep as a way of �…

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