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Work shifts

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Characteristics and Effects of Work Shifts Student’s Name
The article aims to explore the features of shift work and their effects on how nurses carry out their work. Sources of data searched to establish the central quantitative studies include CINAHL, MEDLINE, and SCOPUS (Dall’Ora et al., 2016). The period of the study was between January and March in the year 2015. It involved both the health and non-health practitioners above the age of 18 years. The participants served as either the research group or the control group. The results of the study reflected that a variety of features in the work shift model grossly affected the work of the employees. Being occupied by work for more than 12 hours daily influences the results while working for more than forty hours a week led to widespread events. Work performance reduced by working for extra hours while rotation resulted in poor job outcomes. Working predominantly on night shifts enabled resynchronization although it undermined satisfaction in the job. Reduction of employees’ fatigue was by having breaks at the appropriate time (Dall’Ora et al., 2016). However, short break returns caused more fatigue and wearing out. The effects related to shift work prove consistent across all the occupations. The study thus highlighted the complex nature of work shift an issue not examined by many studies. The results of the survey thus are founded on measurable results.
Twelve-hour shifts are preferred by some nur…

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