Work Place Advocacy Strategies

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Work Place Advocacy Strategies

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Work Place Advocacy Strategies
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Work Place Advocacy Strategies
A workplace is a place where one spends most of his or her time delivering services and duties assigned. For nurses, their workplace is a health facility or community. Everyone wanted to have good relations and treated the right way when they are conducting their duties of work. Positive change in the workplace that motivates is ideal to perform duties with pleasure and willingly. Some of the negative strategies that demotivate people at work include violence between employees or leaders and employees, ethical dilemmas and mandatory overtime working without pay. Also, environmental risks together with ergonomic risks are also demotivating strategies for effective working. The discussion will be based on strategies that people should advocate to create positive changes in workplaces.
The above issues that lead to demotivation and work inefficiency can be managed by creating new alliances at work and also partnerships with people who bring motivation and excellence in performing tasks. A workplace culture that has been stagnant in making changes can be changed to add value and improve on the way duties and responsibilities are handled (Perry, & Emory, 2017). Embracing of other people’s thoughts and suggestions is a way to encourage employees and also promote courage where anyone is free to correct or speak of any process that is not going accordingly. Also, comm…

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