Wome’s and Gender Studies

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Wome’s and Gender Studies

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Women’s and Gender Studies
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Seligson’s “why are more women than men on Instagram” relates to Hodge’s “how to do feminist TV analysis” in a couple of ways. Women are always in competition with each other in factors ranging from material possessions to the looks. In the context of the articles mentioned above, women will try to outdo one another by the general appearance and attractiveness (Seligson, 2016). All of that encourages and demonstrates feminism which makes the two articles relate. Instagram as a platform gives women a chance showcasing what they have and their beauty. However, the drive to do so is encouraged by men who will motivate women by posting pleasing comments against the pictures that they have already uploaded. Every woman ought to discourage sexism which the platform has efficiently encouraged.
Women love keeping a record of places and situations they have gone through in photos which in the long run encourages feminism. Hodge argues that watching a feminist TV program tends to be fun; a situation that is created by the movements and the gestures featured. All that is directed to enhancing how the cast of the program look like as they are all women. A similar scenario is created on Instagram and other social media sites where women will be discussing matters about fashion and beauty all directed towards enhancing their appearance (Seligson, 2016). On the contrary, Men will feature in programs add…

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