Women’s Gender Roles: China vs Japan

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Women’s Gender Roles: China vs Japan

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Women’s Gender Roles: China vs Japan
The study aims at facilitating the understanding of gender roles in the societies with specific focus on Japan and China. The major areas of focus include
The connection between gender roles between the nations
The nature of customs and beliefs
The underlying change of roles from the ancient days to the present day
The role of women in the family setting
The recognition women earn and their value
How women are supposed to carry out themselves in the society.
The deliverables
Clearly, Understanding of gender roles is an imperative process and practice that helps in establishing the way of life of a particular group of people. It gives clear insights on their key social practices, valued cultural diversity, economic activities and traditional shifts including customs. Many cultures assume that women and men have diverse potentials and capabilities beyond biological connection. The understanding of the assumption assists in identifying the role of each gender in a setting. It also makes a sense of progressive and perpetual appreciation of the difference in behavior within the family setting. Likewise, it also delineates the roles of each gender in the a family by understanding the legal rights boundaries, public status, types of work and education.
This paper discusses the gender roles and beliefs with specific reference to women in the Japanese…

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