Women in Military

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Women in Military

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Women in the Military
It is common knowledge that the composition of the US military until the recently has predominantly been a male-dominated area while women have been forced to assume secondary roles or even left out altogether. According to MacKenzie (30), women in most parts of the world are perceived to be the weaker sex despite glaring pieces of evidence that they are the most resilient and intelligent. These two qualities surpass the benefits that come with physical strength that men bank on to suppress the inclusion of women in the military. I purpose to highlight the history of women in the military, notable women in the armed forces and opportunities for women in the military.
In the recent years, several notable women in the armed forces have earned accolades for their exemplary performances. In 2014, Chrissy Cook became the first female Bradley commander to steward her battalion to “Top Gun” grade whereby they earned a top score of 835 with 9 out of 10 engagements (Women in the United States Army 1). Margaret W. Burcham, in 2012 became the first military woman to assume the role of a general officer in the Army Corps of the USA. She was in charge of engineering districts connected to the army. In 2016, Nadja West became the top ranking woman to proceed from the US military college. Nadja also doubled as the first black military woman to become lieutenant general and major general with a two-star. The a…

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