Women are victims of discrimination in the workplace?

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Women are victims of discrimination in the workplace?

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Women are Victims of discrimination in the workplace?
Discrimination and sexual abuse in the workplace against women is a problem they continue to face. The discrimination has been a major problem in the workplace for decades though efforts have been made to alleviate the problem. Today, women can boast great success against the problem in the workplace. Discrimination has recently been reduced, however, it still exists. Thousands of cases have been reported, some dismissed due to lack of proof, some go unreported while others have been accepted. Laws and policies to stop discrimination against women in the workplace have been passed, but their implementation remains a challenge. However, lobby groups continue to fight for gender equality for women in the workplace. Recent reports show positive feedback on the war against women discrimination in the workplace. More women take influential positions in the workplace, including managerial positions. Even though there some posite changes, discrimination still exists at all levels (Denmark and Deborah 761). This essay looks at various forms of discrimination in the workplace. It focuses on discrimination against women and the various challenges women face in the workplace due to their feminine nature.
History proves that discrimination against women goes way back. Major discoveries and inventions have been attributed to men. Women have been visibly left out. A keen research…

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